Cranky the Steampunk Robot - Green Cyberpunk Cog Eyes

Posted by Megan Petersen on

Greg E. from Oxnard, California completed this unique project with his granddaughter using Green Cyberpunk Cog eyes. 

He had this to say; "Sharing my latest steampunk-ish creation which was a collaboration with my 8-year-old granddaughter.  We call him Cranky, and oh look, he has your eyes. I hope you enjoy what we've done with a set of your eyes. Cheers"


Greg also provided us with Cranky's formal description:
Project Name: Cranky
Project Type: Consolidated Aural Intonation Relay
Project Style: Steampunk Robot
Project Designer and current owner: Granddaughter
Project Engineer: Grandpa
Features: A cool rotating crank on an articulated brass doorknob head with custom glass eyes and springy hair style, a repurposed brass bike horn with nice faucet screen speaker cover, height adjustable feet and over engineered bracing, fine copper for construction and patching, along with numerous bolts, screws, nuts, and washers (all certified for fitness). Comes with a 90 day limited warranty. Extended warrant available at additional cost.
Problems: Cranky and marginally inhospitable. Likes cats. Still angry that in 48 B.C., Julius Caesar burned down The Great Library of Alexandria.

Greg, we love the creativity you and your granddaughter share! We hope you both continue with your creative spirits!

~ Megan


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