How Maggie Maintains Endless Inspiration for Her Beaded Eye Necklace Pendants

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As "crafty folk", most of us already know the importance of maintaining inspiration for our art. 

Simply put, it is important to keep a flow of inspiration in the wings in order to keep coming up with ideas and motivation to keep making, especially if making our art happens to be our livelihood.

Some of you may even think that the process of reaching constant creativity is complex or even scary.

But listen, I want to tell you that it doesn't have to be so.

Let me explain what I mean. I’d like to introduce you to Maggie from Nettlebed, United Kingdom. She's a jewelry designer who makes stunning beadwoven pendants and crystal jewelry that she lists in her Etsy shop and elsewhere.

beaded evil eye necklace pendant with glass eye

Always being a lover of crafts, Maggie went to her main love of beading after an injury sustained during her career in wildlife conservation.

green eye beadwoven pendant necklace

Many of Maggie's pendant necklaces include a cabochon, which inspires the rest of the piece. Often these focal cabochon pieces are glass eye designs she acquires from

For example, in the video below you can see a pendant necklace she made with this glow in the dark moon cabochon.

According to Maggie, she cannot find glass eyes that her customers like as well anywhere else.

green cat eye beaded necklace

The variety and quality of the eye designs she gets from are how she makes the necklaces that sell quickly and provide her with ideas to keep making.

cat eye beaded pendant necklace

Which makes sense. There's an infinite amount of beads to choose from when making beadwoven jewelry, it can be hard to narrow down which colors to choose when making one's next project.

A glass eye cabochon helps to narrow down those choices to picking bead color that would fit the shades within the iris design, helping to pull the whole piece together.

evil eye pendant necklace beaded jewellry design

With hundred of glass eye cabochons to choose from, it's hard to imagine that Maggie will ever run out of creative fuel for her to keep making her necklaces.

Right now, she's excited to get her latest order of animated glass eyes!

Looking at the beautiful pieces she has already made with the standard glass eyes, one can imagine how cool her upcoming pieces will be when she adds the extra layer of movement with color changing and following eye cabs.

glass eye pendant necklace

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