Needle Felted Cat and Mouse with Glass Eyes

Posted by Megan Petersen on

Here is another sweet felted cat by Paula Markey from Kennington, Australia.

This striped feline is accompanied by a little mouse of equal character.

felted cat and mouse

To add additional depth and character to her sweet felted creations, Paula adds glass eyes with wire pin posts form This cat uses these realistic green and brown cat style eyes, in particular.

The eye on wire pin posts are perfectly suited for needle felted creations. To add them to your creatures, simply place a dab of glue at the end of the posts and insert it into the fibers of your sculpture at their eye placement location. The glue will grab ahold of the fibers and hold the eyes in place once it dries. This give the eyes more of a "set in" look rather than a "set on top of look" if you were to simply glue flatback eyes to the top of a soft sculpture for felt sculpture.

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