Cabochons to Spark Creative Ideas for Jewelry Design

Posted by Megan Petersen on

Like many makers, there was a point in my creative journey when I wanted to go from following the templates and patterns of other designers and create my own art and jewelry designs.

What always helped me to come up with a new piece or collection was a particular bead or cabochon that would spark an idea.

A black and white fairy cabochon, for example, lead me to create a lacy beaded necklace that was airy, light, and designed with intricate details.

A bold, smooth silver cabochon, on the other hand, inspired me to make a simple but modern collar that would be sleek over a simple black dress.

And so now, when designing new glass eye cabochons for fellow makers, I make it my mission to provide you with unique pieces that will ignite your creative spirit and bring life to your creative projects.

For example, I hope that our collection of fantasy glass eyes prompts you to design works of art that are beyond our current reality. Or I hope that the glass eyes from our terrifying horror glass eye collection prompts spooky creations that will haunt onlookers long after these creations have left their presence.

Whether it's something in the realm of the realistic or the land of the fantasy, here at you will discover the largest ever-growing selection of originally designed glass eye cabochons to help inspire and bring your creations to life!

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