How to Overcome Fear and Make Your Art

Posted by Megan Petersen on

Pour yourself a steaming cup of tea and let's chat about the looming elephant who stomps through the room of our mind whenever we make our art. 🎨

Yep: it happens to ALL of us.

The lingering doubt...
💭 Who do we think we are?
💭 Is our work good enough?
💭 Is our idea original enough?
💭 Will anyone else even like it?
💭 Are we just wasting time?
💭 There's so much going on in the world, is making my art really helping?

And on, and on...

There are so many ugly little voices that rear their head!

But by not creating your art you are cheating yourself and THE WORLD.

I’ve experienced all the doubts and fears and it's almost stopped me from launching new designs MULTIPLE TIMES.

So know this: you are not alone.

But then I thought... 💭what if the doubts are right? What's the WORST that could happen?

how to keep creating art when you think no one else will like it

So I toyed with the idea...

If no one likes it? So what! I enjoyed making the thing.

No one thinks it's good enough or it doesn't work out like I thought it would? Oh, well, now I've gotten practice and I'll do better next time. And so on.

Thinking about it this way makes those feelings pale into insignificance.

So know this: even if your worst fears come to fruition (unlikely) - it still ends up being better than if you choose not create at all.

Keep making. It's ALWAYS worth it.

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