Halloween Crafts Decorated with Glass Eyes

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horror glass eye craft project
Hailey McIver of Lake City, Florida recently shared some in-progress images of the grimoire props she's working on in a review of the horror glass eyes she's purchased from handmadeglasseyes.com. According to her reviews, the eyes are "incredible" for the project and of "fantastic quality."
Grimorie craft project with zombie eyes
This led us to wonder... what other Halloween crafts could be enhanced when decorated with some spooky glass eyes?
Really, the possibilities are endless, but here are just a few...
1. Add to everyday household object to "bring them to life." Think: lampshades, mirrors, cabinets, and more! Just about anything ordinary could be turned into a spooky Halloween decoration by simple adding a set of scary eyeballs to it!
2. Add them to your decorative pumpkins. Whether carved or left whole, some spooky glass eyes can add instant life to your front porch when paired with some of the season's favorite harvested goods!
3. Stick 'em onto the outside of solo cups at your next Halloween party. Talk about a scary way to identify which drink is which!
4. Add the eyes to plain or painted rocks to turn them into instant monsters.
5. Add them to your Harvest-themed wreath for an instant Halloween upgrade!
6. Stick some scary eyes onto a headband or hair clip for you can always be "keeping an eye out"! ;-)
7. Place some eerie glass eyes behind any sort of glass surface, such as basement window, so on second glance it looks like something scary is looking in!
8. Stick some in the shrubs/garden/bushes. It will look like scary creatures are hiding in your front and back yard!
9. Place in the center of several silk flowers from your local craft shop to make a perfect-for-the-occasion Halloween bouquet.
10. Replace or cover the existing eyes of an ordinary baby doll with some spooky ones. This will give your guests nightmares!
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10 Halloween Decoration Ideas with Scary Glass Eyes

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