NEW: Deep Sea Glass Eyes Collection

Posted by Megan Petersen on

The new summer collection of handmade glass eyes is finally here, and it combines a riveting mix of nautical, vintage, steampunk, and realistic fish inspired glass eye cabochons.

nautical glass eyes

This mix of eye designs will take you on a deep sea adventure, complete with magical mermaids and steampunk treasures.

Included in the Deep Sea Glass Eye Collection:

New Realistic Fish Glass Eyes


Wild Fish Glass Eyes

Red Fish Glass Eyes

Realistic Bass Fish Eyes

Goldfish Glass Eyes

Carp Fish Eyes

Pufferfish Glass Eyes

Barbus Fish Glass Eyes



Vintage Illustration Glass Eyes


Vintage Mermaid and Ship Glass Eyes

nautical Map Steampunk Octopus Glass Eyes

Vintage Compass Rose Water Nautical Glass Eyes

Magical Ocean Glass Eyes


Magical Purple Octopus Glass Eyes

Green Sea Monster Glass Eyes

Pastel Pink Sea Shell Glass Eyes

Coral Mermaid and Sea Shell Glass Eyes

Ocean Princess Sea Horse Glass Eyes


Nautical Steampunk Glass Eyes


Vintage Brown Steampunk Gears Glass Eyes

Nautical Map Steampunk Octopus Glass Eyes

Iron Gear Nautical Steampunk Glass Eyes


Can't wait to see what nautical and magical handmade creations are brought to life with these ocean-inspired glass eye cabochons!

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