Top 5 Tips for Staying Creative

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When you're a maker staying creative isn't a nice-to-have--it's a necessity. Here are my top 5 tips for keeping the inspiration on full blast...
Top 5 Tips for Staying Creative

Tip 1: Define Creative Boundaries
For example, make your next project only out of red materials, or in a certain style

Tip 2: Take a Walk In Nature
Ditch your phone, and your headphone and allow your mind to completely relax and wader as you go for a walk and breathe some fresh air. Letting your mind rest is often when the best creative ideas present themselves!

Tip 3: Set Time Constraints
For example, have your next project be something you have to make in 30 minutes or less. Set a timer, and goooooo!

Tip 4: Let Supplies Inspire You
For example, pick up a 1/2 pound bag of random glass eyes and let whatever surprise pieces you find determine your next project.

random 1/2 pound lot of glass eyes for handmade crafting

Tip 5: Let Your Art Be Your Voice
Craft what you feel about the current events of the day, how you feel emotionally, or anything else you struggle to put into words. Use you art as a means of expression and cathartic release. 

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