Upgraded Ammonite Modelsin Manitoba

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Danny from Manitoba takes models of ammonites (squids that went out with the dinosaurs 66 million years ago) and 10-ups them with spray paint, connecting them with magnets, and adding glass eye cabochons from handmadeglasseyes.com.

ammonite model sculpture spray painted with glass eyes

Describing his process, Danny writes, "I bought these 3D printed models from a dealer on eBay. They are white plastic and their eyes were little more than small featureless bumps. So...I spray painted the models, attached them by magnets to "plastic rocks" meant for aquarium decor and thought I'd paint the eyes. On second thought messing up the eyes by a shaky hand would just ruin the whole model so what better way to add eyes than to find tiny glass ones! So I Googled "small glass eyes", found your site..and the rest is history!"

ammonite sculptures with spray painting and glass eyes

Danny sent me an email stating, "Thank you Megan for providing such great looking "eyes" to bring my creatures to life!"

ammonite sculptures spray painted with glass eyes

ammonite sculptures from manitoba

About the glass eyes from handmadeglasseyes.com:

  • All artisan glass eyes are original graphic designs designed by Megan Petersen of Spokane, Washington
  • Each cabochon is handmade with attention to detail and inspected for quality
  • All products are made and ship from our studio located in Spokane, Washington, USA
  • Get your order FAST! All products ship within 1-3 business days
  • All orders are shipped via USPS mail with tracking included
  • If you aren't happy with your order for ANY reason, returns or exchanges are accepted within 30 days without any stocking fees or extra hassle
  • High definition eyes will add realistic life to your handcrafted creations
  • Our glass eyes are used by makers and restorers all around the world. They are used for custom doll making, teddy bear restoration, mixed media art, faux taxidermy, wire wrapped jewelry creation, fursuit making and costume cosplay, polymer clay creatures, amigurumi crochet toys, fx studio props, antiques repair,  needle felting projects, woodcarved sculptures and much, much more.

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